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Icon-exclamation-48x48 This article has been deemed non-canonical.
This article covers a subject that has been deemed non-canonical by either the author or the Forgotten Realms licensees, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" Forgotten Realms universe. Should there be a need to discuss this further, please do so on the talk page.

The map below displays the longitude and latitude of Toril, in 5 degree increments.

The distance between latitude lines is based on these three sources: "Abeir-Toril is an Earth-sized planet"[1]; that "The most obvious change to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting [for 3rd edition] is the facelift given to the lands of Faerûn. Creative Director Rich Baker wanted the new map to seem more realistic by reflecting the curvature of the plant Toril."[2]; and that Waterdeep "lies slightly above the 45 degree latitude line on Toril."[3].

These three facts allow us to make the following statements:

The circumference of Abeir-Toril is approximately 24,859.7 miles (40,007.82 km).[4]

Here, Waterdeep has been placed, arbitrarily, just below the 46 degree latitude line. The issue here is how far, exactly, is "slightly". The distance between two, 1 degree, latitude lines is approximately 69 miles (111 km), so the 45 N latitude line was placed 50 miles below Waterdeep.

The distance between longitude lines is based on the trigonometry of dissecting the latitude circles. The placement of the longitude lines is strictly arbitrary, as one can choose any point and start measuring east or westward. In the map below it, scribes from Candlekeep have placed themselves at the 0 longitude line, though the map is centered on the 15 degree east longitude line.

Every 15 degrees east or west represents a time zone. If a person is in Shadowdale at noon, it will be approximately an hour later in Impiltur and an hour earlier in western Amn.

Toril long lat


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