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Cassandra Thann was the daughter of Zelphar Arunsun, wife of Rhammas Thann, and mother of Danilo Thann. She was the powerful matriarch of the Thann clan[1]


Cassandra was intellectual and well-versed in politics and history of Waterdeep. She almost single-handedly rebuilt the family's fortunes after the family abandoned the slave trade.[1] Danilo considered her quite formidable.[3] She was a skilled musician.[4]


Cassandra was the daughter of Zelphar Arunsun and his first wife, a half-elf (Cassandra keeps her elven heritage a close secret).[1]

The matriarch had nine children with Rhammas - Dertek, Eldaun, Randor, Zelphar, Harmon, Ildaera, Synthea, Danilo, and Judith - and thirteen grandchildren. Khelben "Ravencloak" Arunsun was her younger half-brother; she sometimes suspected but did not know that he had been replaced by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun.[1]



In the City of Splendors (boxed set), Cassanda is stated as being a 0th level fighter[2], but later in City of Splendors: Waterdeep, she is a 12th level aristocrat.[1]



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