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Castle Trinity was the headquarters of a sect worshiping the goddess Talona. It was located in the Snowflake Mountains.[1]


Located high in the Snowflake Mountains and mainly built underground, Castle Trinity was shaped to look like a rocky outcropping of the Snowflake Mountains[1] themselves, to promote secrecy by repelling intruders and curious eyes. It was said that travelers walked right by it and never noticed it.

When Aballister Bonaduce replaced Barjin as head of the sect, he started building walls and towers, diminishing the effect of the inconspicuousness of the architecture.

Governing systemEdit

The castle was ruled by a triumvirate, or a triangle of power[1] of a threesome of each wizards, clerics, and warriors.

Clerical orderEdit

Barjin, a cleric, was head the clerical order as well as the triumvirate.[1] When Barjin died, Aballister Bonaduce took over leadership.[2]

Wizardly orderEdit

Aballister Bonaduce was the head of the wizards. Another notable member was the mage Dorigen.

Martial orderEdit

The ogrillon Ragnor was the leader of the sect's warriors until his demise at the hands of the elf Elbereth during the war at Shilmista.



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