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Castles is a 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons accessory for the Battlesystem tabletop game. The box set includes three paperback booklets, each covering an imposing castle in a different gaming world. The first booklet, by Jeff Grubb, is about the Zhentarim fortress, Darkhold.

Inside You'll Discover a "King's Ransom" in Castles and Accessories!


  • "Darkhold" in the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting: Towering stronghold of the nefarious Black Network.
  • "Drungar" in the DRAGONLANCE setting: Bastion of defense against Thenol's undead armies.
  • "Hart" in the GREYHAWK setting: A paladin's shining, star-shaped fortress.

See each castle brought to life in its own dramatic full-color poster, a full-color map, plus a 48-page book describing the fortress and all the scheming characters who live there.


Experience the thrill of conquest with:

  • Huge BATTLESYSTEM scenarios for each castle
  • A complete war on the Drungar Frontier
  • New and expanded siege, sorcery, and campaign rules for the BATTLESYSTEM miniatures game


Construct key parts of Hart, Drungar, and Darkhold – or build your own fortress with these ADVENTURE FOLD-UP pieces:

  • Over 40 towers, buildings, and walls
  • Over 60 accessories, including battlements, doors, windows, arrow slits, rooftops, and drawbridges
  • Over 40 "Tools of War," from fieldworks and siege towers to ballistae and a catapult
  • Over 80 floorplan aids, including 2-D markers for corridors, stairwells, and more

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