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A cat burglar is a rogue trained in advanced acrobatic techniques. Masters of evasion and daring athletes, cat burglars are often thieves, though cat burglar training can prove useful to any would-be daredevil. Demonstrating remarkable feats of skill and agility, cat burglars are inspiring sights to behold, regardless of their motives.[1]


Any rogue can become a cat burglar, though aerialist and trickster rogues are predisposed towards the path. It is the skills gained once training has begun that are significant, beginning with enhancing cat burglars' ability to control their physical momentum, darting from one place to another rapidly as well as enabling them to lessen the effect others' have upon their movement. With further training, cat burglars become more adept still, becoming true masters of the athletic arts, climbing, jumping, and swimming with an unusual degree of aptitude.[2]

The exploits of a cat burglar likewise focus upon maintaining mobility throughout combat. Cat burglar's gambit is a basic technique learned early on by cat burglars to help them move swiftly and strike just as quickly. Redirected death, a more advanced exploit, teaches cat burglars instead to carefully avoid incoming strikes in such a way to allow for a neighboring enemy to take the blow instead. Both are examples of the advantages that come with being a cat burglar.[2]


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