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Geographical information
Size Metropolis
Area Dambrath
Societal information
Races Mixed (human, crinti, drow, halfling, gnoll, and half-orc)
Population 42,374
Alignment LE
Political information
Ruler High Priestess of Lolth and Queen of Dambrath Hasifir Hazm'cri

Cathyr is a metropolis and the capital city of Dambrath. It was formerly known as Shantil.[1]

Cathyr sits in a small bay on the far eastern end of Dambrath. It marks the final southern stop of the Trade's Way. The inner city is crowded and bustling. At the center of the city sits the queen's palace which is surrounded by broad green parks. The wealthy live in two or three story town houses on the west side, while most of the poor huddle together in the eastern sections of the city, closer to the docks. Some live outside the city walls in hovels that reach southward along the coast.[1]


Cathyr has a garrison of 2,000 troops to keep order and defend the city from invaders and monsters.Cathyr also has a fleet of 12 warships, half closely defend the port while the other half patrol the waters near the city out to sea..[1]



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