The Cavelord is a prestige class of the Underdark that calls to those who have a love for the secret places of their home. Those who have a powerful wanderlust often take this class in order to better know everything they can of their surroundings, much like the rangers and druids of the surface races. Their connection to the rock beneath their feet and over their heads is such that it gives them the power to move quickly and accomplish impressive feats of strength.

Because of their almost obsessive need to search for older and older ruins and places of nature untouched by any other, they are only very rarely come across by any adventuring parties. Those that do come upon them can expect a reception based the Cavelord's alignment. A veteran Cavelord would be a valuable companion if one can be convinced to temporarily leave the solitude of their lone explorations.


A Cavelord can draw upon a magical connection he has with the Underdark in order to gain darkvision and tremorsense.
A Cavelord learns to hold his breath for far longer periods of time than previously possible.
Strength of Stones
A Cavelord can draw upon a magical connection he has with the stones of the Underdark in order to boost his strength temporarily.
Bones of the Earth
A Cavelord is treated by the Underdark as its child, protecting him from death. He turns to stone right before death occurs and remains so for a period of time. After that period of time expires, he reverts to flesh.