Caxal was the ruler of Payit.[2]


Caxal was a cautious ruler, who wanted no intrusion from the temples.[3]

In 1361 DR, when many of his people witnessed the arrival of the Golden Legion's ships, he quickly called a war council with the leader of the Jaguar Knights, Gultec, and the leader of the Eagle Knights, Lok.[4] Together with Lok and Gultec, Caxal decided to face the invaders at Ulatos.[5] Caxal submitted himself and his city to Cordell immediately after the Golden Legion's easy victory.[6]

At 1362 DR Caxal was reduced to be a figurehead of governor Cordell.[7]

In 1362 he tried to convince the adventuring party hired by Drakosa to find the Cloak of One Plume to instead gave to him it after recovered. Hasoctl secretly worked for him.[8]




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