Archons, not to be confused with the similarly named elementals,[2] are an elite group of celestials in the service of all that is lawful and good. Archons are wholly good and lawful and are consistently at odds with fiends of any kind, though they particularly despise demons.[1]

The good deities Cyrrollalee, Dugmaren Brightmantle, Eilistraee, Milil, and Mystra all had lantern archons in their service. Hound archons served the halfling god Urogalan. Archons of all varieties were found in service to the good deities Arvoreen, Berronar Truesilver, and Deneir.[3]

Types of ArchonsEdit

Archons come in many varieties and are typically of a lawful good alignment.

Hammer archons
Celestials who strive to root evil out of its hiding places within the earth. Hammer archons are almost always lawful good.
Hound archons
Canine-headed defenders of the innocent and the helpless against evil. Hound archons are usually lawful good.
Justice archons
Menacing celestials who consider themselves the purest champions of justice in Celestia. Typically lawful good.
Lantern archons
Floating balls of light that give what assistance they can. Usually lawful good.
Owl archons
Airborne scouts, messengers, spies, infantry, and protectors of lesser celestial creatures. Most often lawful good.
Sword archons
Enforcers of the heavenly laws, its forearms can transform into holy flaming longswords. Usually lawful good.
Throne archons
Commanders of the cities of Celestia and the judges of the heavens, occasionally tasking themselves with meting out justice to the particularly vile or corrupt. Almost always lawful good.
Trumpet archons
Celestial messengers and heralds with considerable martial skills. Very often lawful good.
Warden archons
Guardians of the gates of Celestia, and observers of the affairs of the Material Plane. Almost always lawful good.
Word archons
Using the power of truenames, they ensure such words inspire the good-hearted everywhere. Most commonly lawful good.


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