Celestial mystics are spellcasters who seek to better their very souls by contemplating and studying the mysteries of Celestia.[1]


Though they come from all walks of life, celestial mystics share a few features. All are spellcasters of one form or another - either arcane or divine, it doesn't matter - and they have all taken a few solemn oaths:

Celestial mystics seek to improve themselves and earn the right to enter the seventh heaven - Chronias, or the Illuminated Heaven - uniting their very being with the highest good of all the planes.

This path requires much study, something that comes easily to wizards and academics. Clerics and sorcerers, too, sometimes follow this path, and multiclass monks with spellcasting levels may also join it. Paladins are also possible, but rare because several of the required skills are cross-class, it takes some time for them to learn powerful enough spells, and because it means giving up a great measure of their combat prowess. Rogues, fighters, and rangers are rare because they don't often have the interest or discipline for this calling, and barbarians and druids are banned due to alignment restrictions.[1]

Celestial Mystic AbilitiesEdit

Blessing of the Silver Heaven
1st level mystics gain electrical resistance and a sacred bonus to saves against disease, poisons, and petrification. They're also under constant protection in the form of a magic circle against evil, identical with the cleric spell.
Starting at 2nd level, a celestial mystic gains new spells as if he'd gained a level in one of his previous spellcasting classes.
Celestial Spells
2nd level mystics can also cast spells as if they were archons (e.g. any spell with a celestial or archon component; see Chapter 6 of the Book of Exalted Deeds), provided they could cast the spell if it was on their normal spell list.
Blessing of the Golden Heaven
3rd level mystics are immune to death spells and magical death.
Blessing of the Pearly Heaven
Like rogues with Uncanny Dodge, 5th level mystics can react to danger or incoming attacks before they are consciously aware of it. They can also make a knowledge check similar to that of a bard regarding myths and legends about people, places, or items. With enough ranks in Knowledge (history), this ability is boosted.
Blessing of the Crystal Heaven
7th level mystics can magically cure their own wounds, and gain immunity to disease and poison and a bonus against Enchantment spells and effects.
Blessing of the Platinum Heaven
8th level mystics can channel spell energy into a mighty bolt of power that can reach targets up to 800 feet away.
Blessing of the Glittering Heaven
9th level mystics gain strong spell resistance and respectable damage reduction.
Blessing of the Illuminated Heaven
At 10th level, a mystic exudes a ten-foot aura of positive energy. Fires burn hotter, colors are more vivid, and sensations are more intense. All living creatures within the aura, including the mystic himself, gradually heal. Weaker undead creatures can't enter the aura, and if brought into it, react as if they had been turned. Stronger undead can enter unharmed, but aren't healed.[3]


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