Cellica was a halfling rogue who lived in Waterdeep with her adoptive brother Kalen Dren.


As a youth in Luskan, Cellica worked as a thief for the same organization as Kalen. The two became very close and considered each other brother and sister. When Kalen met Gedrin Shadowbane and joined the Eye of Justice, Cellica followed him to Waterdeep where they lived together in a rowhouse. While Kalen performed his duties in the city guard, Cellica stayed home and tended house.[1]

In 1479 DR Kalen attempted to stop a plot by the high priest of Beshaba to kidnap a powerful spellcarred wizard named Myrin. A dwarven monk named Rath who was working for the high priest entered their house and stabbed Cellica to death.[1]


Although Cellica was not a spell caster, she had the power to use her voice to command others when she wanted to.[1]


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