The centaur was a large creature that lived in temperate forests.

Physical Description Edit

A centaur had the upper body of a humanoid, and the lower body of a large horse.

Society Edit

Centaurs generally lived in tribal hunter-gatherer societies. They had good relations with elves, being as they were both creatures of the forest. They generally despised humans and dwarves but weren't actively hostile toward them. Centaur warriors were usually equipped with composite longbows and longswords.

Religion Edit

Centaurs revered the sylvan god, Skerrit the Forester.

Regional Edit

Cormanthor Edit

In the 1200s DR, a plague affected the numerous centaurs in the Cormanthor forest, causing their left hind leg to be three inches (7.5cm) shorter than the others, and as a result, they could not easily escape from predators such as dragons. The elves and halflings of the forest refused to help, fearing that the dragons would turn on them too.

Populations dwindled so only three tribes of centaurs remained in the forest, each containing around one dozen families, and they are nomadic (within the forest boundary). Their migrations followed the same route each year, spending the winter in the east Starwood. In the early spring, they moved west, around Myth Drannor, and south to the Semberholme area, where they spent the summer near Lake Sember. At the end of the summer they traveled east, stopping for the autumn in the central Starwood, before repeating the cycle.

Although the centaurs followed the same trails they have created over the years, these could be difficult for others to follow because they were disguised with a hallucinatory terrain spell created by the centaur leaders' magical amulets. These amulets were donated by an unknown friendly human priest.

Centaur - Adam Rex

A typical centaur.

The centaurs of the Cormanthor forest were not as friendly toward other creatures as their counterparts elsewhere. They used falcons as scouts to warn them of nearby creatures, and were likely to attack on sight, with their bows. They were still respectful of their surroundings, and would protect the forest and its wildlife. They were known to enjoy pears and peaches in particular.

Other areasEdit

As of 1368 DR, centaurs inhabited the Chondalwood.[6]

Notable centaursEdit

References Edit

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