The Cephalopolop was a renegade kraken who was the secret ruler of Sloopdilmonpolop in 1370 DR.[1] and 1372 DR[2]


Despite its small size as a kraken, the Cephalopolop compensated with cunning, secrecy and ambition.[1]


The Cephalopolop was a kraken from the seas of the surface until it arrived in Sloopdilmonpolop, where in time it assumed secret control of the kuo-toa.

For a long time, Cephalopolop plotted against a kraken that ruled the seas off the coasts of Calimshan. In 1363 DR, the Cephalopolop's plans were weakened when, in the Nelanther Isles, a third kraken killed and replaced the dragon turtle known as the Curse of Irphong. Now with two potential rivals, the Cephalopolop became more cautious.

By 1370 DR, its puppet was the Priest-King Dagagoorg, who believed the Cephalopolop was an incarnation of Blibdoolpoolp.[1]



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