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Cephalossk was the ulitharid Creedmaster of the Venerators Creed in Oryndoll in 1370 DR[1] and 1372 DR.[2] Its position and its powers made Cephalossk the second more powerful individual in the city.[1]


Cephalossk was the leader of the Creed of the Venerators, and so the high priest of Ilsensine, and a member of the Elder Concord during the Time of Troubles when the avatar of Ilsensine manifested in Oryndoll.[1]


Like its fellow Elders, Cephalossk received a pair of tendrils ring of Ilsensine. However, these rings had additional, secret powers, many not known even by Cephalossk but which it was learning.[1]


Cephalossk had a constant mental link with the Encephalithid.[1]



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