Cera was the head priestess of Amaunator in the Chessentan town of Soolabax. She aided Aoth Fezim in uncovering Alasklerbanbastos' plans to attack Chessenta although she believed that Amaunator wanted her to uncover an even bigger plot.[1] She and Aoth later fell in love.


After Alasklerbanbastos' physical form was destroyed in the second battle of the war with Threskel she resurrected his soul into the body of a young blue dragon. Because Cera controlled his phylactery, she was able to exert some control over Alasklerbanbastos. Cera and Aoth travelled together to Akanûl to talk the Akanûlans out of joining forces with Tchazzar's army. Cera compelled Alasklerbanbastos to follow but he was finally able to slip out of her control and regain his phylactery. During the Battle of Luthcheq Cera rescued the clergy of Amaunator and other legitimate gods who were held prisoner by the Church of Tiamat and led the attack against Alasklerbanbastos.[2]


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