When asked about his past, Cernd declares in a steady and modest tone that it has been his honor to serve nature in whatever capacity she did call upon him. It is clear that he is a dedicated servant, and though his demeanor is contemplative and well measured, you are certain that he would not hesitate to risk himself if it would best serve the greater balance.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn computer game.

Cernd is a party NPC in the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn computer game and its expansion Throne of Bhaal, and can be recruited into the player's party from his prison cell beneath the Mayor of Trademeet's home. He plays a vital role in the quest to resolve the disturbance at the druid grove, and also gives the player access to another subquest involving his son.

In the game, Cernd comes equipped with two personal items; a Cloak of the High Forest and a Staff of the High Forest. Only Cernd can use these items.


Cernd is a respected senior druid from a grove in the land of Tethyr, to the south of Amn. In 1369 DR, he was sent north to investigate a disturbance at a druid grove in Amn. The influence of Shadow Druids had corrupted the once peaceful druid enclave, resulting in conflict with the nearby town of Trademeet; while investigating the area Cernd was captured by the townsfolk and imprisoned. They mistakenly took him for one of the Shadow Druids responsible, and based on these suspicions they incarcerated him - delaying his investigation and prolonging the crisis.

If Cernd joins your party, it will give you a side quest that concerns Cernd's past. It is revealed that, to become druid, he abandoned his wife, who (unknown to Cernd) was pregnant at the time. The wife subsequently died, and Cernd's son is taken by a noble. As the player will manage, in any way, to take the child back, Cernd will leave the party for a while to baptize his son. However, he's later found in his grove and willing to rejoin the party.

Cernd's ending storyline from Throne of Bhaal suggests that after the events chronicled in the game, he attained the rank of Grand Druid; however, he stopped the ascension when he found out that his estranged son had raised an army that threatened the Sword Coast. Cernd and his son met on the battlefield, dying by one another's hands.

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Cernd is voiced by Jason Marsden.

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