Chacs were peaceful spirits that were native to Maztica.[1]


Chacs normally looked like slender jaguars, and walked on all fours. However, they could also stand on two legs, and when doing so looked similar to a werejaguar.[1]

Because of their affinity to water, chacs constantly had tears trickling down their cheeks. Chacs were also associated with different colors depending on where they lived, and their eyes were the appropriate color. Chacs in northern Maztica had blue eyes, in south Maztica red, black in the east, yellow in the west, and green in central Maztica.[1]


Chacs preferred to avoid physical combat, instead using their powerful water magic to protect themselves if necessary. They were capable of controlling the weather near their lairs as well. Chacs could also assume a gaseous form.[1]


Chacs were peaceful, reclusive creatures who lived in caves high in the mountains. They could eat a variety of things, including meat and cocoa beans, but got most of their nourishment from water. They mated by assuming gaseous form and merging, the cub being born one year later. Nearby chacs would celebrate the birth by gathering together and creating a great rainstorm. Chacs lived about for about a century, and the death of one was marked by a several-week-long drought in the area.[1]

Chacs avoided intelligent humanoids, mainly because chacs were sometimes captured and forced to create rain, or killed for their skin and claws, which were useful in hishna magic[1]



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