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Chain lightning was an evocation spell that blasted a target with lightning then jumped on to more targets.[7][2][3][5]


This spell created a lightning bolt that traveled from target to target doing successively less and less damage. Distance between targets was more important then what type of target they where.[3][2][5] Depending on the caster's skill, the chain lightning would "jump" between targets more and more.[3][5]

Older versions of the spell could be stopped by it striking a grounded target like an iron bars, which would send the lightning into the ground.[5]

The post-Second Sundering version cast a bolt that struck a target then split on to three different bolts that struck different targets. If used at a higher spell level, an additional bolt would leap from the first target.[citation needed]


The spell required vocal and somatic components, plus a bit of fur; a piece of amber, glass, or a crystal rod; and one silver pin for each level of the caster's power.[3] The post-Second Sundering version needed the same except only three silver pins in total.[7]


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