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Chalarstaukh was the largest goblin realm in the Rauvin Mountains in Luruar.[1]


Chalarstaukh was located in the Chalarstaukh caverns in the western foothills of the Rauvin Mountains, not far from Citadel Felbarr.[1]


In 1372 DR, King Asglarek and his seven sons ruled Chalarstaukh.[1]


Chalarstaukh was inhabited by goblins, who subsisted on yellow cave-worms. This habit meant that the Chalarstaukh goblins were called "Worm-Eaters" by the orcs above, who often raided the goblin warrens.[1]


In the 1370s DR, the goblins of Chalarstaukh delved southwest of their home and discovered a number of dwarf tombs. The goblins ransacked the tombs, finding a number of magical items they intended to use against their enemies—if they ever figured out how to use them.[1]


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