Chalco was one of the greatest Nexalan rulers of history.


After the rule of the warmonger Pakli, Chalco was chosen as the new ruler because he was the most powerful warrior of his time and a cousin of Pakli.

Immediately, Chalco launched the biggest invasion of Kultaka ever, capturing a large number of captives. The city of Kultakas itself was saved only by the timely emergence of Takamal in the Kultakans' ranks. Chalco was forced to retreat but had won great honor.

He decided that his next target would be the Otomis. Chalco's army greatly devastated the Otomis but they never surrendered and afterward Chaco went back to Nexal with many captives and treasures. The Otomis emerged from their hiding places and patiently rebuilt their civilization.

Chalco developed two obsessions: to find the Nexalans' ancestral home and to find the fabled Tewahca but his research into both ended with no success.

After his death, his successor was his grandson Axalt.[1]



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