Champions of Gwynharwyf strive to emulate their celestial patron's balance of fury and reserve, proving that rage and righteousness can coexist in one being.[1]


No matter what their background, every champion of Gwynharwyf needs at least one level of barbarian to gain access to the class's battle-frenzy requirement. (For dwarves, one or more levels of battlerager will also suffice.) Beyond this, however, anything goes, and the champions come from every background except that of the paladin, which is barred by the alignment restriction. Typically they are single-class barbarians, but fighter/barbarians and ranger/barbarians have also been known to take this class.

The majority of champions are wanderers, battling evil with their rage wherever they find it. Some are guerrilla fighters seeking to overthrow evil governments and liberate the oppressed. Other champions delve into the ruins and caves of the world, driving out and destroying creatures of evil. Still others work the slums, fighting crime and crushing evil cults.[1]

Champion of Gwynharwyf abilitiesEdit

Champions of Gwynharwyf can cast a small number of divine spells. A champion's spellcasting is Wisdom-based, and she prepares and casts them as a cleric does.
Detect evil
Like paladins, champions of Gwynharwyf can cast detect evil at will. This power works even while the champion is raging.
A champion's class levels stack with her barbarian levels to determine how often she can rage. She also gains the greater rage, tireless rage, and mighty rage class abilities when a single-class barbarian of her character level would have.
Smite Evil
Like paladins, champions of Gwynharwyf can add their Charisma modifier to an attack against an evil opponent once per day. She can smite twice per day at 5th level, and three times per day at 9th level.
Divine Grace
Like the paladin ability of the same name, 2nd level champions add their Charisma modifier to any saves.
Furious Casting
2nd level champions can cast their champion spells while raging.
Damage Reduction
Starting at 3rd level, champions of Gwynharwyf shrug off some of the damage they take from attacks. The reduction increases at 6th level and every other level thereafter.
Resist Enchantment
3rd level champions gain a boost to their resistance to Enchantment spells and effects.
Fearsome Fury
When a 4th level champion enters a rage, she strikes terror into her foes.
Energy Resistance
5th level champions are gifted with a measure of their eladrin patron's resistance to acid, cold, and electricity. The resistance doubles every five levels thereafter.
Immune to Charm and Compulsion
7th level champions are unaffected by spells from the Charm and Compulsion subschools of Enchantment.[2]


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