Chan Chiong was a skeleton in Kuning Valley in Shou Lung.[2]


In ancient times, Chan Chiong led the Segara Sea Lords, a large pirate fleet that preyed upon ships from their harbors in Muara Bay and Ahn Bay.

One day, the governor of Tempat Larang, Sangkal Chunbi, offered to bargain with Chan Chiong but when the pirates killed his ambassadors, he decided to crush him. When Chan Chiong heard about this, he gathered a fleet of 1,000 warships to attack Sampar, the port nearest to Tempat Larang.

Governor Chunbi knew that his troops were ineffective against the pirates so he called his wu jen Kimasogi. Kimisogi counseled the governor to divide the pirates before attack. So Governor Chunbi sent to Chan Chiong a large ship full of treasures offering peace. Chan Chiong and his men started arguing about how to divide the treasure, no longer caring more the attack on Sampar.

Meanwhile, the troops of Tempat Larang marched upon the pirate harbor. Attacking by surprise, the Shou troops captured most of the pirates and all their warships. Governor Chunbi converted most of the pirate sailors and the warships into the new southern fleet of Shou Lung. Chan Chiong was sealed inside the Su-Rai Vault in Kuning Valley.[1]

He remained trapped inside for eternity and in time transformed into an undead skeleton, always searching for a means to escape. In 1358 DR, he tried to trick an adventuring party, hired by the Emperor to find General Goyat Nagumo, to help him. He said that he'd been imprisoned by a corrupt ruler.[2]



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