Chaney was the name assigned to a doppelganger who was Howard Holiday's chief spy in Ravens Bluff around 13561357 DR. No one knew its real name, or if it even had one.[1]


Chaney was captured by Howard Holiday and his adventuring companions a few years previously. Howard took Chaney as part of his share of the treasure. The other members of the party figured Howard would turn the doppelganger into spell components and potion ingredients but Howard had other ideas. When he became Deputy Mayor of Ravens Bluff and the chief intelligence officer, the idea of having a doppelganger as a spy was so appealing that he put great effort into making the arrangement work. Chaney was convinced and served brilliantly ever since. Officially, the Lord Mayor knew nothing about Howard's "special project".[1]


Chaney was able to look like anyone, but normally assumed one of three different shapes and personalities:

Curmudgeon: Typically used in the business district, this form was of a big, slow-witted common laborer that nobody looked twice at. Chaney played it friendly and pretended to be very fond of drink so he could carouse in taverns as well as canvas the shops, never holding any job for very long.[1]

Hoot: Hoot was a legless beggar that normally hanged out in the harbor district or near the city gate, telling stories for coins. His nickname came from the strange noise he made spasmodically while he told his stories. This form allowed Chaney to investigate smuggling and piracy cases.[1]

Slither: This form was a human with slightly reptilian features, very mysterious and a bit creepy. Slither was an information broker and deal-maker with the reputation (enhanced and promoted by Howard's other agents) of being able to supply almost anything for the right price. This persona was mainly used to set up a group or an individual for a sting operation, catching them red-handed. Howard used his influence and resources to make sure Slither had the goods so the mark would not suspect a con.[1]


Chaney was happy to be able to do what doppelgangers did best and get paid for it. His job was also relatively safe because his actions were sanctioned by the city government (although only Howard Holiday and the Lord Mayor Charles O'Kane knew Chaney's true nature). The law prohibited monsters inside the city limits and Chaney feared that a paladin or some other lawful idiot would discover him so he folloeds orders and did not have any other ambitions.[1]


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