Chanoch was a young Shadar-kai warrior from Ikemmu.


Chanoch was born into a small Shadar-kai enclave. His mother was murdered by a childless Shadar-kai who wanted Chanoch as her son. He escaped into the Shadowfell as soon as he could and was found by a patrol from Ikemmu. He was mentored by a priest of Tempus and was expected to one day take vows as a priest of Tempus.[1]

In 1479 DR, Chanoch was selected to accompany Vedoran and Ashok on a mission to rescue the witch Ilvani from from an enclave in the Shadowfell. While inside the enclave, Chanoch argued with Vedoran and, upon their return to Ikemmu, Vedoran accussed Chanoch of insubordination, a capital offense in Ikemmu. Uwan, the leader of Ikemmu, sentenced Chanoch to confinement until his soul faded.[1]


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