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Chansrin Aluar was a female human wizard who lived in Scornubel in the 14th century DR.[1][2]


Chansrin was generous to her friends, but had a sharp tongue and was easily distracted and soon bored. She was known for her enthusiastic and energetic personality,[1][2] given to giggling in delight, biting people when angry or excited, and to wild and impulsive acts, such as leaping from windows to trees, swinging from balconies, or rushing into danger.[2]

She was keen on adventure[1][2] and enjoyed battle, most happy when rushing off to deal with some trouble. Nevertheless, she was reluctant to leave her home of Scornubel.[2]


She was short of build and slender, with fiery red hair and large, dark eyes.[2]


Chansrin was quick to the come to the aid of anyone in Scornubel, in a rescue or a fight, and readily and happily threw her spells into any affray she came across. When bored, she often took the opportunity to accompany the city guards by casting spells at anyone they dealt with, such as rogue mages or disorderly adventurers.[1][2]

She would leave the city if a rescue was required of her, but she did not actually like the idea of adventuring beyond Scornubel and journeying across the Realms. As she once explained to Volo, if she stayed home, then "All the adventure in Faerûn will come to me!"[2]


Fortunately for Chansrin, she possessed a magical item of some kind with the power of teleportation, which spirited her away to safety if things got out of hand. However, being forced to use it just made her angry, and she quickly rushed back to the scene of danger, if better prepared.[2]


By 1358 DR, Chansrin was one of the more infamous mages of Scornubel.[1] She was still at it in the late 1360s.[2]


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