Chantos Graybeard was a businessman and wizard in Skullport.[1]


Chantos was a gentleman mage known for his quick wit and complex, but deft, hand gestures during spell casting. He disliked Nestor Podgin and planned to ruin him.[2]


With three partners, Chantos managed the Hired Horrors, a business breeding and selling deepspawn, usually for dungeons.[1]


Aurin and Chantos had been good friends for five decades. Ysvele and Ithvar were too greedy for Chantos.[3]


Chantos once adventured in the High Forest with Aurin. Arriving in Skullport, he, Aurin, Ysele the Cat, and Lord Ithvar Wordkiller created the deepspawn breeding business.

In 1370 DR, he was concerned with the appearance of a competitor, Nestor Podgin's Monsters Made to Order. He would try everything to ruin him.[2]


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