Charles Oliver O'Kane was the Lord Mayor of Ravens Bluff[1] from 1337 DR[2][note 1] to 1370 DR.[3]


At 5′11″ (1.8 m) and 240 lb (109 kg), the Lord Mayor was an imposing figure around the town. He had a ruddy face, curly brown hair, and a full beard. His great strength was evident in his massive chest and arms, although middle age and a love of ale took their toll on his waistline by 1356 DR.[1]

He wore clothes of the finest quality but favored somber colors. His sword, ring, and chain of office were all decorated with gold and sapphires. He never wore armor within the city, but always wore a sword in public.[1]


The Lord Mayor was a tenacious fighter on the battlefield and in the Council of Lords, seeking out weaknesses in his opponents. He took every advantage that was consistent with his sense of honor, which could be flexible if necessary.[1]


Charles Oliver O'Kane came to Ravens Bluff specifically to participate in the Champion's Games, which were intended to choose a champion who would become Lord Mayor and assume the task of protecting the city from the pirates and other threats. O'Kane swept the competition and became Lord Mayor[1] in 1337 DR.[2] He immediately got to work putting together structures to manage the economy, oppose the criminal element, and unify the rival political factions of the town and surrounding area, but defense against pirates and raids from mountain dwellers was the top priority.[citation needed]

He needed military strength and wise council to achieve his goals and he got help from an unlikely source, Lord Lashan Aumersair of Scardale. Before Aumersair began his conquest of the Dalelands, there was much dissent about the wisdom of his operation and he purged all those officers and advisers he considered disloyal and exiled them to the other side of the Dragon Reach. Many of them found their way to Ravens Bluff and willingly placed themselves at the disposal of the Lord Mayor. With his new allies, O'Kane restructured the government and rooted out corruption as best he could by 1356 DR.[4]



  1. There is a discrepancy in the start date for the term of Lord Mayor O'Kane. The Grand History of the Realms states on page 139 it was 1337 DR, whereas The City of Ravens Bluff says on page 4 that he won the Champion's Games and the mayorship in 1341 DR.


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