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The Charred Citadel is named so for it's smokey appearance, a tower made of clouded quartz, and obsidian.

The Citadel was founded many centuries ago by four Wizards, and placed in a quiet little corner of the world, where they could work on their research with Golems, each of the Wizards specialized in a specific type of Construct Magic. Metal, Flesh, Gem, and Sentient.

As time passed the Wizards who lived in the tower died, and all that was left was their lives long work with Constructs, not to mention their vast collection of riches from selling their research.

Tales occasionally drift through Faerûn about a group of adventurers heading towards the tower and never being heard from again.

This Citadel is said to only show it's first four floors, and that an unknown number of chambers and floors could rest underneath the swamp now.


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