Charsultketh, also known as Helanna Darkstorm, was the newest member of the Shield Council of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.


Charsultketh was for a long time, the enforcer of Gargauth as well as his consort. Under orders from her patron, she assumed the human identity of Helanna Darkstorm in 1366 DR, a wizard/merchant of Chondath. In Helanna disguise she asked membership to the Knights of the Shield and thank of vice-chair, and secret cleric of Gargauth, Ghauntz, Helanna was immediately gained membership and promoted to member of the Shield Council. After she used her acumen for intrigues and her network of magical spies to advance the Knights' power, at the same time enjoying embarrassing her fellow Knights. In truth Charsultketh patiently waited for the command of Gargauth to eliminate all the Knights that refused to convert to the treason god's doctrine on the day that Garguath would have complete control of the organization.[1]



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