Chechu al Khish was an exiled dao genie member of the Shadow Thieves in Westgate around 1370 DR.[1]


Chechu's objective was to overthrow his father's rival and his work for the Shadow Thieves gained him the money he needed to buy magic items needed for his plan. Although more neutral than his fellow dao, he was still generally evil.


As a not-yet-fully grown member of his race, Chechu could only use his dao abilities four times in a day, and could not cast limited wish.[1]


Acting as an earth elementalist wizard, Chechu helped in various construction and rescue efforts[1]


Chechu lived in the Elemental Plane of Earth as a son of a dao ataman. One day, a rival displaced his father but Cehechu was offered an alternative, to live as an exile in the Prime Material Plane, and he accepted.

Chechu arrived in Calimshan, but understanding the distrust of the local population for elementals, he decided to move to northward disguised as a human wizard. Finally, he settled in Westgate, where the Shadow Thieves found him and offered him work as a spy.[1]



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