Cheleen was a mature adult black dragon whose lair was in the ruins of Orogoth in High Moor of the Western Heartlands.[1][4]


She was the great-granddaughter of the black wyrm dracolich Calathanorgoth the Old One, the daughter of the black wyrms Vilholin and Wastirek, and the sister of the black dragons Woklef, Aswidorg, and Kasidikal.[2][3]

Around 1479 DR, Cheleen took the adult male dragon, Sjachmalsvir as a mate and they had a brood of four eggs together.[5]

Sjachmalsvir, calling himself "Thoss Fyurnen" was being worshiped by a tribe of lizardfolk, much to Cheleen's displeasure, and as such, to be rid of them she magically cursed the waters of her mate's lair with a horrid rotting disease.[6]



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