Chenowyn was a ruby dragon companion of queen Zaranda Star.[1]


Chenowyn had spent most of her life in the form of a human orphan girl in the city of Zazesspur. In this form, she had red hair and amber eyes.[1]


Chenowyn had the natural ability to cast shocking grasp, summon swarm, and produce flame spells without need for spell components. She would often cast these when angry, long before she understood that she was in fact a dragon. Zaranda also taught her how to cast magic missile.[1]

In her dragon form, Chenowyn could breathe a blast of caustic aluminum oxide that could dissolve armor.[1]


Her mother, an amethyst dragon, had left her in a orphanage, and for years, she had no idea that she was in fact a dragon. Most thought she was cursed, because of her strange powers. She was later adopted by Zaranda, who treated her like her adopted child and taught her how to control her magic.[1]

It was during the battle against deepspawn below the city that Zaranda and Chenowyn discovered the the latter was a ruby dragon.[1]

In Eleasis of 1367 DR, Chenowyn, in dragon form flew off to the west with fellow amethyst dragon Nyadnar.[2]


Zaranda named her first daughter Sybille Zaranda Rhinda Chenowyn Alisande Rhindaun partly in honor of Chenowyn.[3]




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