Cherlrigo's Darkness was supposedly the translation (by Cherlrigo) of a sonnet that could be found within The Leaves of One Grass, a work of prophetic yet cryptic messages penned by the Dark Diviners of Windsong Tower in Myth Drannor. This particular passage was thought to have originally been written two thousand years before the mid-fifteenth century Dale Reckoning and was heralded by many Shadovar nobles and sages, including Draygo Quick, Parise Ulfbinder and Rolan of Gloomwrought to directly relate to the power of the Shadowfell and have something to do with the Chosen.

Enjoy the play when shadows steal the day...

All the world is half the world for those who learn to walk.
To feast on fungus soft and peel the sunlit stalk;
Tarry not in place, for in their sleep the gods do stay.
But care be known, be light of foot and soft of voice.
Dare not stir divine to hasten Sunder's day!
A loss profound but a short ways away;
The inevitable tear shall't be of, or not of, choice.
Oh, aye, again the time wandering of lonely world!
With kingdoms lost and treasures past the finger's tip,
And enemies that stink of their god's particular flavor.
Sundered and whole, across the celestial spheres are hurled,
Beyond the reach of dweomer and the wind-walker's ship;
With baubles left for the ones the gods do favor.


This passage referred to the Second Sundering but it was not clear what it meant.


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