Chiguo Ihario was a wakadoshiyori sohei in Wa.[1]


At heart, Chiguo was a bureaucrat and also a devotee of the Path of Enlightenment. He disliked using violence.[1]


Although not particularly fond of Bokika, Chiguo served him loyally like any superior officers.[1]


Chiguo was a lifelong bureaucrat. In 1358 DR, he was in Fochu to assist and control the daimyo Bokika Hokio.

Hokio asked for his help to send someone with a offering of food to a crypt deep in his palace that Hokio had built years before to house the the remains of some followers of the Path of Enlightenment (in truth, they were worshipers of Chauntea.

Tricked, Chiguo agreed to help Hokio and under his suggestion hired a foreign adventuring party to deal with the matter.[1] The adventurers discovered that it was a trap devised by a lu nat.[2]



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