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The Chill was a military band of goblinoids and others, led by Ardenor Crush (a reincarnation in a hobgoblin body) and formed from the survivors of the Second Battle of Urml. Its base was Chill Tower in the Lurkwood and its symbol, worn on the upper arm, was a fist surrounded by a white nimbus. Its members headed into the North to slay the adventurers who had killed Ardenor. The organization was opposed to the Bloodaxes and the Blue Sigil, and although not well-received by the orcs in the region, they were sometimes hired by them. The group charged 500 gold pieces per week.[1]



  • Cold Steel, 150 orc swordsmen
  • Frigid Fists, 50 ogres
  • Frost Riders, 100 hobgoblin axemen riding warhorses
  • Icicles, 200 kobold archers and ambush specialists
  • Winter Wolves, 100 goblin spearmen riding winter wolves

Each of the divisions was led by a lieutenant of the division's race.


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