A chill blade was a magical dagger.[1]


When active, the blade glowed a pale and ghostly white.[1]


When activated, instantly and the bearer's will, for a brief period the dagger dealt extra damage to a target. Furthermore, if they couldn't resist the spell, the target's ability to attack was hampered for a full hour. The more times they were struck, the more hampered they were.[1]

The blade did less damage against the undead, but could turn them, forcing them to flee temporarily.[1]

A chill blade was resistant to cold.[1]


It could be created from a well-made ferrous-bladed dagger, a snowflake or chunk of ice, a chill touch spell, lightning or electrical discharge of some kind, and a piece of rock crystal. As of 1368 DR, chill blades were worth around 1,000 gold pieces.[1]



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