Chill metal was a transmutation spell that made metal cold as ice.


Chill metal made metal extremely cold. A creature took cold damage if its equipment was chilled. It took full damage if its armor was affected or if it was holding, touching, wearing, or carrying metal weighing one-fifth of its weight. The creature suffered minimal injury if it was not wearing metal armor and the metal that it was carrying weighed less than one-fifth of its weight.

Initially, the metal became very chilly and uncomfortable to touch but delt no damage. Shortly thereafter, icy coldness caused pain and damage. A few minutes later the metal became freezing cold, causing greater injury. Any heat intense enough to damage the creature negated cold damage from the spell (and vice versa). Underwater, chill metal delta no damage, but ice immediately formed around the affected metal, making it more buoyant.

Chill metal countered and dispelled by the heat metal spell.


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