Choi Tan Sai was a yakuza adventurer in Shou Lung.[1]


Choi was a shrewd and cunning individual who never showed his true feelings. He disliked working with woman and non-human beings. Choi easily adapted to all kinds of contests and quickly gained contacts.[2]


Choi was a member of the Yansi, the most powerful yakuza gang of Chu' Yuan province. He acted as special agent, being a very flexible individual. His masters sent Choi on the most delicate missions. He had many dealings and contacts among magistrates and police.[2]


In 1358 DR, Choi was tasked with finding General Goyat Nagumo in order to make him pay the Yansi for spy services. He decided to attend the Komite.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

Choi Tan Sai was a pre-generated PC for use in adventures in Shou Lung.


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