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Chosen - Eva Widermann
A drow Chosen
Region Any
Used by The Faithful

The Chosen are individuals imbued with divine power by one of the deities of the Realms, which grants them various abilities and boons, such as stopping the process of aging.[citation needed]

It is believed that all deities are capable of choosing mortals, though it is impossible to say whether all of them take advantage of this power.[citation needed]

It is possible for one being to be the chosen of more than one deity.[citation needed]

As of 1485 DR there are no Chosen who aren't also exarchs.[citation needed]

Known Chosen Edit

Chosen of AsmodeusEdit

Chosen of BaneEdit

Chosen of Chronepsis/Null and MystraEdit

Chosen of Corellon and MystraEdit

Chosen of CyricEdit

Chosen of DeneirEdit

Chosen of EilistraeeEdit

Chosen of EldathEdit

Chosen of GilgeamEdit

Chosen of GruumshEdit

Chosen of GzemnidEdit

Chosen of Labelas EnorethEdit

Chosen of LolthEdit

Main article: Chosen of Lolth

Chosen of MalarEdit

Chosen of MaskEdit

Chosen of Merrshaulk/SsethEdit

Chosen of MielikkiEdit

Chosen of MililEdit

Chosen of MyrkulEdit

Chosen of MystraEdit

Main article: Chosen of Mystra

Chosen of OghmaEdit

Chosen of the SeldarineEdit

Chosen of Sehanine MoonbowEdit

Chosen of SilvanusEdit

Chosen of TalonaEdit

Chosen of TalosEdit

Chosen of UbtaoEdit

Chosen of UmberleeEdit


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