The chosen of Bane was a position granted by Bane to powerful members of his faith. Typically, there was only one Chosen of Bane at a time.[1]

Around 1372 DR, this position was held by Fzoul Chembryl.[2]

Bane granted a number of spells and powers to his chosen. They gained endure elements, mind blank, and negative energy protection as bonus spells, and the ability to use command and enthrall as they willed; hypnotism, remove fear, or cause fear, five times a day; charm monster and suggestion three times a day; and dominate monster and geas, once a day. They also took less damage from attacks, and they could not age, either naturally or as a result of magic. They could also summon death tyrants and let their shadows roam free through a telepathic link. Finally, a chosen had greater force of charisma and was more wise.[1]


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