Lady Christine was the wife of King Gareth Dragonsbane and the daughter of Baron Tranth, the former ruler of the Barony of Bloodstone in Damara.


Christine had been raised as a noblewoman,[2], being the daughter of Baron Tranth.

She received her druidic training from Quillan, but inherited her title as Lady when her father, Baron Tranth, gave the throne of Bloodstone to her new husband. If she hadn't married, Christine would soon have become the Baroness anyway. Tranth knew she was ready to rule, and nobody in Bloodstone Pass doubted her ability to lead.

When the Grandfather of Assassins' bandit army first appeared, before Gareth and his friends arrived, Lady Christine was the first to take a stand. By the time Gareth and company rolled into town, she had already begun organizing the militia.


Christine understood and fulfilled her duties as queen at court but was not comfortable with the facade. In her heart she was an adventurer and fighter.[2]



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