The Church of Dionysus was a temple of Ilmater dedicated to St. Dionysus.[2]


Friar Dugald was a cleric of Ilmater and a member of the Order of St. Dionysus who adventured with Gareth Dragonsbane and his band. In their heroic adventures together, they liberated the Bloodstone Lands of Damara and Vaasa, slew Zhengyi the Witch-King, stole and destroyed the Wand of Orcus, and slew an avatar of Tiamat in the Abyss, before finally returning to Damara to rebuild in the Year of the Serpent, 1359 DR.[3][4]

Dugald donated some of his share of the gold and gems from Tiamat's hoard, over 1 million gold pieces, to the city of Goliad to be put into the construction of the Church of Dionysus.[5][2][6] Although the money was donated anonymously, Dugald's identity was soon leaked—rather conveniently boosting his reputation.[6] Some considered the Church's location to be a political move by Dugald and Baron (later King) Gareth to win over the people of Goliad and the Duchy of Brandiar, though none doubted Dugald's devotion. In any case, it worked, and the people of Goliad and Brandiar were immensely grateful, giving enormous support to the project.[5][2][6] The money and construction project helped Goliad rebuild following the wars.[7]

Construction of the Church of Dionysus began in 1359 DR and was ongoing. The builders expected to need another year to complete its superstructure, and several years after that to finish its finer parts.[2] It was planned to be the greatest church and most impressive structure in the land.[7][6] Even then, the Church of Dionysus inspired some twenty or so clerics to join the Order of St. Dionysus, and dozens of people applied to join the church guard. The people of Goliad and Brandiar, and Damarans of all faiths, came to see the Church of Dionysus as the means and symbol of their unyielding will and desire to never again be tyrannized.[7][2]


The Church of Dionysus was intended to the most magnificent building in all Damara, a huge cathedral.[7][6]

But it was a defensive structure as well, more like a fortified castle. It was built to serve as shelter against both the weather and against marauding monsters. In this capacity, it was designed to house the entire population of Goliad and the outlying farms, some 1150 people, for a lengthy stay and in relative comfort.[2]


Despite his role in its funding and supervising its construction, Friar Dugald had no plans to serve as pastor for the church. It wasn't even in his home province.[2]


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