The Church of Tyr was an institution to further the worship and tenets of the god of justice, Tyr.


The church swiftly spread to the majority of civilized lands on the surface of Faerûn after the end of the Procession of Justice.

On the Feast of the Moon in 1369 DR, Tyr sent a vision to all priests who had remained true to even his most unpopular teachings, informing them that in return for their perseverance in maintaining his tenets in the face of strong adversity, he would give them new powers, making them Holy Justices.


Members of the church were known as Tyrrans (although those on the receiving end of their judgements tended to refer to them as 'tyrants'). The heads of the church were known as Keepers of the Balance. There are fifteen ranks below the Keepers from Acolyte of Laws to Defender of Justice. The priesthood is highly organized and regulated and very few titles are awarded to clerics other than those in the accepted rank structure.


Tyr's church wished, above all, to see justice done. All members were sworn to uphold the law and punish lawbreakers.


Members of the church acted as lawyers and judges in law courts throughout civilized lands - charging fees that they donated to the church. They lectured others on their lax observances of the law and reported those they found wanting to lawmakers, regardless of potential reprisals. Priests kept Books of Lawgiving to make detailed notes on such individuals and submitted reports on those whose punishments were commuted through genuine ignorance, just to make sure that they did not try to claim ignorance in the future. Though they tended toward mercy for many minor offenses, members would seek reprisal against serious criminals or repeat offenders with temples offering weapons, spells and healing to the faithful who required them.


The church attracted paladins and warriors of a lawful bent. Though magistrates, bureaucrats and honest merchants were frequently worshipers of Tyr, they lacked the martial inclination to join the church.


The church maintained good relations with the churches of other members of The Triad.

Areas of InfluenceEdit


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