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Cindermoon, formerly Shadowmoon Crystalembers, was a druid and leader of the Elder Circle of the Emerald Enclave during the 14th and 15th centuries DR.


Cindermoon represented elves among the three members of the Elder Circle. For a long time, she led the Elder Circle under the name "Shadowmoon". However, following the Spellplague, which altered nature's ecosystems, Shadowmoon succumbed to a Shar-induced madness. She changed her name to "Cindermoon" and slowly descended into insanity.

Finally, in 1486 DR, the boy prophet of Lathander, Stedd Whitehorn, arrived and successfully cured Cindermoon. She finally regained her wits, and proclaimed that all should call her Shadowmoon again. She started to reorganize the Emerald Enclave.[1]




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