Citadel Rashemar was a ruined village in the Sunrise Mountains in east Rashemen. It began as a ring-shaped fortress until it was besieged by the Tuigan Horde and although the horde was conquered, the village was never rebuilt.[2]

Present dayEdit

As of 1374 DR, the fortress was in a ruined state, with most walls and buildings heavily damaged; inhabited by goblins and monstrous spiders. The keep remained partially intact, and its upper levels were inhabited by goblins. Its lower levels were the home of Chaul, an evil spellcaster, and her ally Durakh Haan.[2]


The citadel was ruled by Lord Yegar.[1]


Citadel Rashemar was constructed to be a ring-shaped walled fortress on a hill with a diameter of around 300 yards, with a stone keep. It garrisoned approximately 2,000 Rashemi troops. The keep was connected via underground passages with towers in the outer walls.[2]

Tuigan invasionEdit

In 1359 DR, the Tuigan Horde invaded Rashemen. Its main invasion force continued deeper into the country, leaving behind 5,000 attackers to lay siege to Citadel Rashemar. The defending troops held out for three months but then succumbed, and the horde slew everyone who remained inside the fortress, destroying its walls and buildings.[2]



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