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The City Watch of Waterdeep served as the police force within the city.[1][2]


Members of the City Watch held the following ranks:

Rank Title
Patrolperson Blade[3], Patrolman[1] or Watchman/Watchwoman[2]
Corporal Sword or Armar[3]
Sergeant Amlar[1] or Swordcaptain[2]
Lieutenant Rorden[3]
Captain Civilar[1][2] or Orsar[3]
Major Guardsword[3]
Colonel Commander[3]
Major General Watchlord[3]
Lieutenant General Captain of the Watch[3]
General Commander of the Watch[3]


The City Watch performed everyday policing duties. They never acted outside the walls of the city.[1]

They were a peacekeeping force, performing simple duties and solving crimes and apprehending criminals.[citation needed]


When within the walls of Waterdeep, the City Watch typically patrolled in groups of four, with two patrolmen, one armar, and one civilar.[1][2]


Members of the City Watch typically wore leather and chain armor and carried sturdy rods like clubs, short swords, and daggers.[1][2]

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