Clan Battlehammer was a clan of shield dwarves based in Mithral Hall who were ruled by a king of Battlehammer blood, at least until the bloodline was lost with the apparent death of Bruenor Battlehammer and Banak Brawnanvil became king.[6]


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Mithral HallEdit

The original residence of the clan was Mithral Hall, where Gandalug Battlehammer reigned as the first king some time before 0 DR.[4] The hall was an underground town and mine, as the mountain was rich in mithral ore.[8]

Mithral Hall was abandoned in the 1100s DR when the shadow dragon Shimmergloom and hordes of duergar claimed the settlement for themselves after the dwarves in Mithral Hall dug too deep in search for mithral and disturbed the dragon. Only a minority of the clan escaped, including young Bruenor.[8]

Icewind DaleEdit

The survivors of Mithral Hall migrated away, the majority ultimately settling in a valley in front of Kelvin's Cairn in Icewind Dale. They created a new home for themselves in the dale, where they remained for two centuries.[9] They traded dwarven-made equipment to the Ten Towns.[10]

Return to Mithral HallEdit

In 1356 DR, Bruenor Battlehammer returned to Mithral Hall.[11] With the help of other adventurers such as Drizzt Do'Urden and the other Companions of the Hall, he intended to vanquish Shimmergloom and make Mithral Hall his home once more. Although Bruenor seemingly died killing the dragon, he survived and with the help of dwarves from Citadel Felbarr, he successfully cleared out the tunnels by 1357 DR. Mithral Hall became, once again, home to Clan Battlehammer.[1]

In 1362 DR, Bruenor abdicated his throne to Gandalug, the founder of Mithral Hall who had returned from the dead, making him the 1st and 9th King of Mithral Hall.[4] Bruenor took a few hundred of his dwarves back to Icewind Dale, but when Gandalug died, he returned in 1370 DR to rule as the 10th King of Mithral Hall.[5]

However, a few dwarves remained in the mines in Icewind Dale. In 1483 DR, they were led by Stokely Silverstream.[12]

Notable membersEdit


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  2. Bruenor Battlehammer I[1]
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  6. Garumn Battlehammer[2]
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Many dwarves and individuals from other races were allied with Clan Battlehammer, most famously Drizzt Do'Urden.[10]




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