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Clan Bukbukken was the name of the clan of Duergar that worshiped Shimmergloom the shadow dragon.[1]

Physical descriptionEdit

Like most Duergar, the clan had grey skin and stocky features. Whilst living in Mithral Hall, each clan member could afford to have their own set of mithral armor and weapons.[2]


When Shimmergloom took control of Mithral Hall, the clan worked under his command mining mithral for almost 200 years. When the Hall was liberated by Bruenor Battlehammer and the Companions of the Hall in 1356 DR, the clan was mostly slain. Those that survived fled back to the Underdark.[2]

Known membersEdit

There are few names mentioned in the lore, regarding the clan:

This elderly Duergar was one of the many that worked in Mithral Hall, during its occupation. He was one of the guards and didn't seek confrontation as much as some other Duergar might.[2]


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