Clan Ironstar was a dwarven clan whose realm was founded in -2919 DR beneath Firstpeak, Secondpeak and Thirdpeak, also known as Ironstar Mountain, Northlook and Wyrmtongue.[1]


The clan sign was a white four-pointed star on top of a black anvil.[3]


After abandonment of their realm, Ironstar dwarves could still be found in Evereska, Mintarn, or below Mount Helimbrar. They were alleged to have changed their identities to conceal their status as members of the clan.[3]


The dwarves constructed maces from their secret darksteel alloy called Ironstar maces.[4]


Ironstar regularly traded with gnomes and halflings via barges on the River Surbrin which ferried their goods to the Sword Coast for sale.[5]


In 207 DR,[1] the Ironstar realm was overwhelmed by orc invaders, and the clan fled south led by King Daurvos Frostbeard. Pursued by trolls and orcs, Frostbeard was slain at the Stone Bridge where Moradin appeared and drove the orcs back.[2] After abandonment, the realm could still be reached via Blingdenstone as of around 1370 DR. Around this time, it was occupied by the silver dragon Dargentum.[1]



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