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Clan Melairkyn was an ancient dwarven clan of artisans, explorers, and traders.[1]

When King Melair I discovered deposits of mithral in the rock beneath Mount Waterdeep in -1288 DR, the area was rapidly expanded into Melairbode, later known as Undermountain. Their home was under increasing threat from the drow over the course of the centuries, until a huge attack in 34 DR killed King Melair IV, who was their ruler at the time, and forced them deeper into the mountain. They were driven out of Undermountain in 211 DR.[1]


Some scholars said that around one hundred dwarves from the Melairkyn clan escaped the final slaughter, fled Undermountain, and ventured west or south. Some claimed that they were involved in the creation of Phalorm, the Fallen Kingdom, yet some maintained that the Melairkyn still populated the depths of Undermountain.[1]


In actual fact, a tiny number of members of the Melairkyn clan still existed by 1370 DR:[2]


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